Public Speaking – Speaking at service clubs

Public Speaking

public speaking, motivational speakerCurrently I am doing a lot of speaking both for paid corporate clients and also free of charge at service clubs. Taking my good friend Joe Sabah’s advice from Cavett Robert who was well known for saying “don’t eat the peel and throw away the banana” I always try to get contact info from as many people as possible especially when  I am speaking for free.

One way I have found to do this is to offer attendees at service clubs something in exchange for their e-mail etc. Being that I am a magician and that I often use some magic “tricks” in my program, I demonstrate a magic effect/trick that is very easy and inexpensive to make and then perform it. I am sure to include a message in the magic so that it still fits into the theme of the program while delivering a message. Then at the end of the program I offer one of these tricks free of charge when they sign up with their contact info.

Now I have a handful of business cards and some emails on my sign up sheet every time I go out and speak.

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