Motivational Speaker Denver – Don’t Go It Alone Speaking to Service Clubs!

Motivational Speaker Denver

The following is an excerpt from “Coffee Cups, Pens And Other Things I’ve Picked Up Along the Way” by Keir Mathur (a booklet on getting started speaking to service clubs)

So if your out there actively speaking to service clubs like Rotary, Optimists etc. then you know it can take a lot of leg work just to get in the door to do a free speech. And while I never really like to think of them as freebies because I try to always focus on the business I am getting from it, let’s face it.  You get up at 5 something AM to speak for no more direct payment than a free plate of bacon and eggs.

What to do… well, “don’t go it alone”! Form a group of two or more speakers. And every time you go out and speak to a club, leave the business card of your fellow speaker(s) and tell them all about what they speak on. Get out and hear your colleagues speak so that you can really talk about their programs with sincere enthusiasm. Then when you get home, CC an email to both the person that booked you for the speaking engagement and to your “group”. This way your fellow speakers have an easy path to get booked for the same club. And if everyone in your group does the same for everyone else, soon you will have twice, three times or quadruple (depending on how many people are in your group) the bookings with minimal calling and emailing.

This one’s a “no brainer” folks, all you have to do is form up with one or more speakers and stick with it. In some cases it helps to email each other every week even if you have not spoken to anyone recently just to remind everyone that you still exist and keep the habit going strong. After all, it’s all about forming a new habit of doing this and in no time you will have way more speaking engagements.

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