Keynotes – Feeding your “Speaker Mentality”


One thing I have blogged about recently is acquiring a “Speaker Mentality”. When you truly feel like a speaker you notice stories for your keynotes everywhere. There are so many things going on around you every week that likely make great stories to speak about. And when you are “in the speaker zone” you will recognize them and use them in your program.

Now if you are new to speaking and or want to be a speaker (which are often times just one speech away from being the same thing) then you might want to invest in some promotional material. Having some professional photos taken, getting new business cards and a website might really light a fire under you. And being able to see yourself in the role of speaker (another great reason to have a quality photo on your card by the way) will allow you to see many of the stories that you would otherwise be walking right by with out a second glance. Additionally there are tons of stories from your past that can be adapted to suit many different topics/points for your keynotes.

So if you are needing some inspiration, book yourself to speak at some Rotary Clubs and get some new promotional material. If you wake up feeling like a speaker, you will start seeing what you’ve been missing and writing some of the best keynotes imaginable.

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