Keynotes – Adaptability

Keynotes – One thing I love about being a motivational speaker is being able to write and adapt stories for clients as they need certain topics addressed. Given that most if not all of a speaker’s stories should be memorized practically verbatim, it is great to be able to use these stories in a variety of different ways once you have put all that work into them. After all any given story might have many different ways to learn from it and thus can be adapted to fit these wide variety of topics.

For instance, a story that I tell about dealing with a shifty street hustler in Las Vegas who was trying to con me out of my money using the ol’ “Three Shell Game” applies to both my “real Conflict Resolution is No Illusion” program as well as my “Life is Magical” program that addresses overcoming obstacles with magic.

So keep writing your stories, making your points and giving your keynotes.

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