Motivational Speaker Tip – Staying in touch

Motivational Speaker Tip  

One thing you really need to do as a speaker is stay in touch with your potential clients. And collecting names/email addresses when you go out and speak is vital to getting booked from the people who have heard you speak.

So how do you go about getting people to sign up is the question. After all if you finish even a spectacular speech and then just throw your email sign up sheet out onto the table next to you, I wouldn’t expect too many people are going to jump out of their seats to sign up.

Personally I always give something away in exchange for signing up for starters. In my Memory Magic program for example I offer a worksheet that covers some of the things discussed in my program. And when I am finished, I offer these sheets to anyone who will sign up on my list. Additionally I bait the audience a bit by mentioning how important this worksheet is a couple of times during my program. Then by the time I am done speaking, they know how important this worksheet is as I have told them two or three times how it relates to what we covering during my program.

Follow this simple tip and you will find a lot more people signing up for your email list. People fall like dominoes, if one or two people get up right after you are finished and sign up on your list, a dozen or more might soon follow.

Then of course you need to email them from time to time so that you can stay out in front of them and get their company or organization to book you the next time they need a speaker!

To see the video version of this blog go to my YouTube video on this topic.

Happy bookings!



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