Good Public Speaker

Good Public Speaker 

If you are new to public/motivational speaking you might be wondering how it is that you know you are getting to be a good public speaker or not. Well many signs are obvious, such as having more people hire you for paying work (especially for repeat engagements)

For instance… although most of my work is still inside of the United States, I recently received a call from a company in Ottawa, Canada and from an association based here in the United States but that was planning a retreat in the Bahamas the weekend after Memorial Day. In short, going international feels good and again reminds me that I am improving in my speaking and taking yet another leap in the right direction.

Another great sign, about a month ago I had a number of things happen that had not happened before. 1 ) I got re-booked by the speaker coordinator before I even left the podium 2 ) I had one attendee call me before I had even gotten to the airport and tell me how amazed he was at what I had taught him 3 ) I had another attendee who had recently had brain surgery write me to tell me how amazed he was at the memory tricks I shared with him and that they were really changing his life, and he also referred me to speak for another organization for which I have already signed a contract with them.

In short it is nice to get feedback and even better when it is un-diputable by way of the fact that it relates to you getting even more paid work from it.

So keep speaking and you will get paid work as your work pays off.

Best regards and feel free to share thoughts or questions by posting responses below…


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