Denver Motivational Speaker – How to Remember People’s Names (Cont.)

Denver Motivational Speaker

Hey everyone, Here is some more insight on how to remember people’s names.

Today I am going to address how it is to use a picture image to remember someone’s first name by using the first thing that pops into your mind. Let’s say you have just met a man and his name is Joel. One of the best ways for people to instantly memorize a name upon meeting someone is to make an association with someone that they know (or know of) by the same name. For me I would use Billy Joel to remember Joel’s name as it is the first association to pop into my head (the first is usually the best).

Now, I know what you are thinking… what if you think that their name now is Billy instead of Joel. Well I will show you how to make sure you get it right. The basis for keeping this straight is to make sure to actually know the person’s name. Use the name out loud once or twice (any more than that and people will really start to wonder about you) and then silently to yourself a few times as you chat with them and or after you have walked away from them. This makes it that much more likely that you won’t call them Billy instead of Joel. Additionally you can have standard images that you use for each name. For me, picturing someone named Joel as Billy Joel is pretty safe since I have a different picture image for Billy (Billy the Kid), so by default I know his name is now Joel. And the fact that I have used his name out loud once or twice and a few more times silently to myself helps also.

So in short, you have to KNOW the name. The picture image only serves as a reminder to ignite your memory of knowing the name. So learn the name, repeat it (verbally and silently) and then create some sort of picture image to associate with it.

Here is another great example. What year did Columbus Discover America??? Why it was 1492 you say? And how did you recall this date? “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” is a common rhyme to recall this date so perhaps you used that. Well the truth of the matter is that the rhyme (just like the picture image) only helps you recall what you already knew. If you were solely relying on the rhyme you could have just as easily said “In 1962 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!” So again, the rhyme/picture image is there strictly to remind you of what you already know.

Check out my website for even more tips on remembering names and other information.

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